Pay Per Click Advertising & Google Adwords Management

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is actually a simple concept.  You assign a budget to certain keywords that are applicable to your business. When these keywords are searched on Google, your website will be displayed at the top of the page, as a paid or sponsored result.  The beauty of this lies in that if someone doesn’t click on it, you don’t pay for it – therefore the term pay per click.

PPC works fast

Search Engine Optimisation doesn’t not kick in immediately due to the sheer numbers of websites being published internationally, daily.  Pay Per Click starts immediately, and therefore serves effectively umntil search engine optimisation of your site starts. As soon as RedX sets your PPC up, the results start coming.

PPC puts your right up there with established brands.

Whether your business is 3 months old, or 3 decades young, RedX’s well-structured websites are the perfect vehicle to accept PPC, which increases traffic to your site.

Intense effective service

As registered Google agents, RedX are leaders in PPC, locally. PPC takes hours of behind the scenes work in terms of research – which keywords work well in which circumstances, constant maintenance to keep the keywords current, and analysis of performance throughout.

SMS Campaigns

With 2.8 trillion sms messages sent worldwide per year, it is undeniable that SMS campaigns can reach customers quickly. RedX gives every business the opportunity to have an effective text messaging service to deliver short, powerful messages to an identified customer-base.


Want to send the messages yourself?  Done.  Want to set-up auto-responses like a welcome or opt-in or out? Done. Outsourcing of the entire functionality so that you can focus on what you do? Done.  Want to run a short-code competition?  Done. Want to increase customer trust and increase brand awareness by adding links, logo’s and descriptions with verified sms’s?  Done. RedX customizes the communication to suit your unique requirements.


Whatsapp Business Services

With 29 million Whatsapp messages being sent worldwide, every minute,  no-one can deny the apps’ popularity. In South Africa, Whatsapp is the first app that is downloaded when a new phone is received. Truth being told, a staggering 90% of South Africa’s internet users are on Whatsapp.  This translates to massive, instant market penetration, and as a marketing tool, when managed well, is second to none.

This is all fine and well, but problems soon emerge because of a simple constant – time. Because of the nature of instant messaging, the platform is available 24/7.  This quickly translates into a business receiving messages or calls at all hours of the day or night – with the accompanying frustration to customers when response isn’t immediate. How does one circumvent these problems, while still being able to use the functionalities that Whatsapp as popular as it is?

RedX is an official WhatsApp Business solution provider. To start using the WhatsApp Business API, we will ask you to provide a host of information, to confirm that you will use the solution in compliance with the WhatsApp technical and product documentation. RedX will use the API to programmatically send and receive messages and integrate this workflow into your system. (And yes, we will ensure that you aren’t getting product queries at 11am at night, but that your customer will be responded to immediately).


e-Mail Campaigns (Newsletters)

Why does RedX still use e-mail campaigns, with so many different platforms available? It is simple.  Primarily because e-mail is still deemed as the more official approach, but also because it still appeals to many people.  With two thirds of the world receiving e-mails on their mobile phones, it still gives businesses access to the markets, but it gives the user control of their time.  They can access the messages at a convenient time to them, without a plethora of pop-up notifications disturbing their ear space all day.

Email campaigns can be scheduled to be sent one-to-one and one-to-many, as the message content requires, with all of the traditional functionalities. Email campaigns primary purpose is to drive traffic to your website, by way of links inserted in the message.  This is key in highlighting parts of your websites, that you would want to draw attention to.

Through RedX’s interface, it is possible to:

Manage contacts

Create and manage content rich email

Send one-way email messages through broadcasts

Manage communication flow

Track engagement

Personalise each email with custom values

Manage unsubscriptions